Gigi Rivera Takes A Ride On The Sybian!

by Gigi Rivera Official Site

Gigi Rivera slides out of her top and shows off her small rack!

Gigi Rivera quickly slips out of her panties eager to try out the new toy!

Gigi Rivera wraps her wet pussy around the rubber dildo!

Gigi Rivera turns the power on and loses her breath in pleasure!

Gigi Rivera puts her hands to the floor and starts riding the sybian!

Gigi Rivera turns around and slowly sits down!

Gigi Rivera squats over the sybian filling her pussy with vibrating rubber!

Gigi Rivera sits down on her knees getting her pussy rubbed real good! Moaning and breathing heavily Gigi gets closer by the second to having the orgasm of her life!

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One thought on “Gigi Rivera Takes A Ride On The Sybian!”

  1. Gigifan says:

    I find the last picture is really hot, because you can see that Gigi has a orgasm in the next moment, moreover it is so cute to see the deep wrinkles on her forehead in this moment, she is getting on now, yeah!

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